Space Resources

The ability to harvest and cultivate Space Resources is essential for establishing a sustainable human presence beyond Earth. Earth’s resources are finite while the energy and material resources in space are essentially infinite. As human activities grow, the demand for energy and material resources increases. By harnessing Space Resources, we can alleviate the strain on Earth’s ecological systems while ensuring the longevity of human space exploration and habitation beyond our planet. Transporting resources from Earth to space is prohibitively expensive and energetically inefficient. By utilizing the resources available in space, such as those on the Moon, Mars, and asteroids we can significantly reduce the cost and energy required for space missions and future space settlements, enabling a permanent human presence throughout our Solar System. Establishing in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) capabilities enables the creation of sustainable space economies, where spacefaring nations and organizations can extract, process, and use materials locally, minimizing dependence on Earth for resupply. Space Resources are a linchpin for developing a self-sustaining and economically viable human presence in space, fostering long-term exploration and settlement efforts. At first, Space Resources will be used in space for in space development. Eventually, Space Resources will be shipped back to Earth in order to meet terrestrial demand, relieving Earth of the burden that comes with resource demand.

Space Resources must be used to support life on the Moon and exploration of Mars. Just as the pioneers applied the tools they brought with them to resources they found along the way, so too must space travelers apply their high technology tools to local resources.”



One must have three things: a recoverable resource, technology to recover it, and a customer.”


What Are Space Resources?

Minerals, Metals, Regolith/Soil, Volatiles, Ices, Atmospheric Gasses, Vacuum, Microgravity, Radiation, Location, View, Solar Energy, Photons, Solar Wind Implanted Gasses, Trash, Derelict Spacecraft, Knowledge

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What is the Space Resources Value Chain?


Space Resources Terminology

Use in Space
The use of resources in space that remain in space.

In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)
The collection, processing, storing and use of materials encountered in the course of human or robotic space exploration that replace materials that would otherwise be brought from Earth to accomplish a mission critical need at reduced overall cost and risk.

Space Mining
Extraction of naturally occurring substances from space for utilitarian purposes.

Space Manufacturing and Construction
The production of goods in space using Space Resources.

Return to Earth
The delivery of a resource or manufactured item to Earth.