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At iGO (INSISTENT GALACTIC OEPRATIONZ), we believe in the power of collaboration to achieve audacious goals. We are actively seeking partnerships with institutions, organizations, individuals, etc. who share our passion for space exploration and resource utilization. Together, we can unlock the vast potential of the Moon, Mars, asteroids, and beyond!

Synergy is key to our success. We are looking for partners who can complement our expertise in VTVL rocketry, space resource prospecting, harvesting and cultivation, space infrastructure development, Earth observation, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. We are particularly interested in collaborations that can help us:

  • Advance our VTVL Rocket Technology: We are open to partnerships with research institutions, engineering firms, and other organizations that can contribute to the design, development, and testing of our next-generation rockets.
  • Develop Innovative Space Resource Technologies: We are seeking partners with expertise in robotics, material science, and other fields relevant to prospecting for, extracting and processing resources from celestial bodies.
  • Build a Robust Space Infrastructure: We believe in the importance of creating a sustainable and scalable infrastructure in space. We are looking for partners who can collaborate on developing space stations, mining facilities, and other essential infrastructure components.
  • Harness the power of Earth Observation: We are interested in partnering with organizations with expertise in monitoring Earth's water resources using satellite and other remote sensing technologies. This data will be crucial for informing our resource management strategies and ensuring the sustainability of our planet.
  • Harness the power of Blockchain: We believe that blockchain technology can play a vital role in ensuring transparency, security, and efficiency in space resource management. We are looking for partners who can help us develop and implement blockchain-based solutions for tracking resources, managing supply chains, and facilitating transactions.
  • Leverage the potential of AI: We believe that artificial intelligence can be a valuable tool for optimizing our operations and maximizing the efficiency of space resource utilization. We are seeking partners who can help us develop and integrate AI-powered solutions into our systems and processes.
  • Expand our reach and impact: We are committed to making space exploration and resource utilization accessible to a wider range of stakeholders. We welcome partnerships with educational institutions, government agencies, and private companies that share this vision. We must inspire and inform future generations of the enormous benefits that space exploration and space resources have to offer humanity.

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In addition to the inquiry form, you can also find more information about iGO and our vision for the future throughout our website. We encourage you to explore our resources and learn more about the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in space exploration and the promise space resources have to offer humanity as we lookup and GO! Remember, in space the sky isn't the limit, it is just the beginning.

Pax Mundi, Pax Galactica,
The iGO Team