Our Story

Welcome to the heart of insistent Galactic Operationz, where our story unfolds through a shared mission, vision and values, an insistent determination to open the cosmos, and a passion for unity. Where we strive to create a future of abundance, not scarcity. Founded by the visionary Joshua Waters, our mission, vision, and values are a beacon in the cosmos, aiming to unlock the boundless resources of space to propel humanity’s exploration and nurture life on Earth and beyond. With a commitment to Pax Mundi, Pax Galactica, we strive to build a bridge to the stars starting with building, testing, and launching reusable rockets. Remember, the journey of 242,537 miles begins with one rocket launch. At iGO, our insistent spirit is our driving force. The “i” in “iGO” represents the power of one, the unity and interconnectedness of all of humanity and all life on Planet Earth.

Many have referred to the resources in space as the next gold rush. One asteroid bearing precious metals could be worth over $10,000 quadrillion. But when we at iGO look up to the cosmos, we see much more. We see the ability to advance our species and to change the way we think and live as a society. The proper extraction, utilization, and distribution of space resources has the potential to unite the world regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, etc., while enhancing the lives of billions; this has the potential to create a cleaner, safer, and brighter future for thousands of generations to come. Space Resources will first be used in-situ in order to sustain space exploration, expanding humanity to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. It is time for humanity to look up and GO!

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A far-reaching and final revolution is going to take place in our lifetimes. This revolution has already started. It is going to change the face of Planet Earth. It will drastically alter our lifestyles. It will affect nearly every person on Earth. It holds the promise of improving the quality of life and of increasing the standard of living of those who wish to participate. Out of this revolution, new industrial empires will be forged. New billionaire industrial moguls will emerge. Thousands of new products will be created – some of them impossible to make today and others prohibitively expensive with today’s technology. During this revolution, we will begin to transform Planet Earth into a garden planet. Every revolution holds forth these or similar promises. Is this all pie in the sky? No, but the sky is where it will all happen, starting one hundred miles over our heads in space. It is the Third Industrial Revolution, the exploitation of the Solar System. It will be brought to fruition by practical, hardheaded, “bottom-line” people."

George Harry Stine (1975)


In a closed society Malthusianism has the appearance of self-evident truth, and herein lies the danger. It is not enough to argue against Malthusianism in the abstract – such debates are not settled in academic journals. Unless people can see broad vistas of unused resources in front of them, the belief in limited resources are fixed, then each person is ultimately the enemy of every other person, and each race or nation is the enemy of every other race or nation. The extreme result is tyranny, war and even genocide. Only in a universe of unlimited resources can all humanity become one.”

Robert Zubrin and Richard Wagner

Our Mission

To help harvest and cultivate the infinite resources in space, utilizing those resources to both further space exploration and benefit all life on Earth and in Space.

Our Vision

To unite humanity through space and its resources.


Our Values


Wisdom – knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action, sagacity, discernment, or insight.

Oneness – unity of thought, feeling, belief, and aim.

Respect – due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.

Laughter – to show emotion (such as mirth and joy) with a chuckle or explosive vocal sound.

Daring – bold or courageous.


Perseverance – not giving up, continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition.

Equality – the right of different groups of people to receive the same treatment, the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability, promoting the equality of opportunity in the workplace.

Accountability – taking or being assigned responsibility for something that you have done or something you are supposed to do.

Charity – to be of service, the voluntary giving of help to those in need.

Entrepreneurship – pushing the envelope, the capacity and willingness to develop, organize, and manage a business venture along with any of its risks.


ore – a naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be profitably extracted.


Beatitude – a state of utmost bliss, exalted happiness, possession of all things held to be good, from which nothing is absent that a good desire may want.

Unconditional love – affection without limitations and or conditions.

Science – the search for truth, the state of knowing: knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding.

Transparency – to let the light shine through, honesty and openness.

Essentially, if we as humans do not achieve peace on Earth and in Space, then we have failed, hence bust. The first step to achieving Pax Mundi, Pax Galactica is to first acknowledge that it is in fact, possible.

Operation Green Earth


Don’t look at a steel mill and shake your head, wondering how we’ll ever move it off the Earth and into space...because we won’t. In the first place, it’s designed to work on Earth with an atmosphere around it and gravity working on all parts of it. It won’t work in space, even if we could transport it there for a penny per pound...which we can’t do and probably won’t be able to do any time soon. The steel mill will die...literally; its place will be taken by industrial operations of low energy consumption and low pollution potential. The “benign Industrial Revolution” on Earth will replace the steel mill with another kind of factory attuned to human characteristics and merged with the environment; it will be fed by the heavy industry of the Solar System whose products drop from the sky like Biblical manna. The new steel mill will be built in space with the planetary remains of the asteroid belt to feed its zero-gravity blast furnaces powered by solar energy; there is no biosphere or planetary ecology to pollute out there, and it will be a long time before this miniscule interruption of the energy flow of the universe amounts to polluting the universe...and there are answers to that, too. The Solar System is probably the best possible place to locate industrial operations, free the Planet Earth for people, giving us the chance to return the planetary ecology to something like the way it was one hundred thousand years ago when we were biologically attuned to it. We will then have what will truly be a garden planet, and we will also have the heavy industrial base to support an advanced and high-level living standard, and this alone will make the Third Industrial Revolution the Final Industrial Revolution.

The Third Industrial Revolution is astronautics passing from the stage of exploration to the stage of harvesting and cultivating Space Resources. The first glimmerings of this transition are already evident. The Third Industrial Revolution is already beginning to happen amid studies and data purporting to show that we are running out of natural resources, that we are rapidly depleting Earth’s energy sources, and that we are polluting and devasting our planetary ecology. With this extremely sobering thought in mind, we should take a careful look at the possible courses the mega crisis can take. There appear to be three possibilities:

  1. The current course of affairs will continue with all problems worsening until catastrophe occurs and humanity destroys itself and the ecology of the Planet Earth in the process.
  2. The planetary ecology reacts to what we are doing to it and rebalances the situation at the expense of humanity.
  3. Humanity – all of us – gets busy and rebalances the planetary system in such a way that the solution arrived at allows both humanity and the planet to continue their historical development and evolution.

The third possibility is the only rational one. It is the only choice that we, as human beings, can possibly make. It is not “living with the problem”. It is solving the problem for our benefit and survival as well as solving the problem for our home planet, on which billions of our progeny are going to have to live at any one time, regardless of whether some of humanity expands outwards in the great Stellar Diaspora of the next millennium.”

The Third Industrial Revolution by George Harry Stine (1975)