Welcome to the epicenter of our cosmic aspirations! It is with great enthusiasm and optimism that we announce our presence at the Oklahoma Air & Spaceport, where we've secured two offices on the first floor of the Air Traffic Control Tower, situated at 100 Fire Lane Offices 1G and 1F in Burns Flat. This marks the commencement of our stellar journey, and we're eager to share the potential synergies between our relentless quest for space exploration and resource utilization along with the vast opportunities offered by the Oklahoma Air and Spaceport!

Photo Credit: The Oklahoman
Photo Credit: The Oklahoman

Our Galactic Hub:

We at iGO are thrilled to call the Air Traffic Control Tower home. With our two offices strategically positioned within this aerospace hub, we are set to embark on a trajectory of growth and innovation. As we establish our footprint, we look forward to not only expanding our operations but also exploring the numerous possibilities this spaceport has to offer.

Unveiling the Potential:

The Oklahoma Air & Spaceport is no ordinary launchpad; it is the commanding agency for the groundbreaking Infinity One Spaceflight Corridor – the first FAA-approved corridor in the U.S. National Airspace System. Covering an expansive 152-mile-long and 50-mile-wide stretch, this corridor presents an unrivaled canvas for our space exploration ambitions. Serving as the controlling agency for all scheduling and flight operations, the spaceport offers us the freedom to navigate and explore beyond the constraints of restricted airspace or Military Operating Areas (MOAs).

Infinity One Flight Corridor

Growth Opportunities:

As we dream big and reach for the stars, the Oklahoma Air & Spaceport helps lay the foundation for our aspirations. With more than 2,000 acres of available land for development, including aviation and industrial sites with ready-to-go infrastructure, we see excellent possibilities and potential for future expansion. The existing 60,000 square feet of hangar space, three commercial aircraft hangars, and a 96-acre concrete ramp provides necessary infrastructure to support our growing operations.

Infrastructure for Galactic Ventures:

The Oklahoma Air & Spaceport goes beyond conventional facilities. Rocket engine testing capability, hazmat storage, and a main-line rail spur adjacent to the flight line help amplify our capabilities. With a 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility featuring a rail spur, we find ourselves in an environment that aligns seamlessly with our ambitious space exploration and space resource endeavors.

Legislative Support for Galactic Pioneers:

To enhance our spaceflight endeavors, the Space Flight Liability and Immunity Act, passed by the Oklahoma Legislature in 2013, provides us with a legislative framework that aligns with our spirit of exploration. This act shields spaceflight entities from general liability under specific conditions, paving the way for pioneering endeavors.

Cosmic Collaborations and Support Services:

Our journey is fortified by the presence of critical support services. The Oklahoma Air and Spaceport has a Crash and Rescue Facility which is fully staffed by the United States Air Force 24 hours a day. Monday through Friday (excluding federal holidays). An on-site medical clinic and the proximity of OU Medical Center, a level-I trauma center less than an hour away via air evacuation, ensure the well-being of our team. Fort Worth Center ARTCC provides radar services, and the FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute in Oklahoma City becomes a crucial resource for aerospace research and training.

Educational and Innovation Nexus:

The Oklahoma Air and Spaceport collaborates with institutions like Oklahoma State University (OSU) and Western Technology Center (WTC), potentially setting us up to tap into a talent pool that fosters innovation. Out at the Spaceport, NASA and OSIDA funding further propels STEM education, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to advancing space science and technology.

We at iGO invite you to join us on this cosmic voyage, as we leverage the unparalleled facilities and opportunities provided by the Oklahoma Air & Spaceport to push the boundaries of space exploration and resource utilization. The cosmos awaits, and we're ready to explore it from our strategic base at this visionary spaceport!